Wireless Load Shackles for a Boat Lift Application

Wireless Load Shackles for a Boat Lift Application 📰

6th Mar 2020

With a lead time of just 2 days from receipt of order, these 12te and 17te wireless load shackles are currently on route to New Zealand to a shipyard where they will be used on a boat lift crane to monitor lifting loads and ensure weight is evenly distributed throughout the lift. This particular customer has purchased a number of these load shackles over the last few years and are expanding their stock to enable them to instrument more of their cranes. Short delivery times form a significant part of their purchasing decision, and knowing that we hold these products in stock for immediate despatch is certainly one of the reasons we are their preferred supplier. Our wireless load shackle range available ex-stock starts at 3.25 tonnes and goes up to 120 tonnes. Higher rated capacities are also available, but on a slightly longer lead time. If you need a load shackle for an imminent project, you can either purchase via our website or contact our sales team , who will be happy to assist.