25te CPA compression load cells

25te CPA Compression Load Cells 📰

20th Oct 2023

We recently shipped these four CPA 25 tonne compression load cells to our distributor in Singapore, Scigate Automation Pte Ltd. Part of our standard product range, our CPA load cell is available in load ratings from 2 tonnes to 1000 tonnes and can be supplied with a loading cap, carry handles and a mounting base (as in this instance), as well as integral amplifiers if required. Also supplied were T24-ACM wireless acquisition units to convert the mV/V load cell output into a wireless signal and a T24-HA display to allow viewing of load data for all four load cells. A T24-BSUE base station was also included, which when used with the free T24-Toolkit, enables device parameters to be viewed and altered, configuration data to be saved, simple data logging and calibration.