SHK-B Load Shackles with Integral Amplifiers

9.5 Tonne Cabled Bow Load Shackles with Integral Amplifiers 📰

17th Dec 2021

Shipped to a customer in Germany recently were these two SHK-B cabled 'Bow' load shackles rated to 9.5 tonnes. Available from our standard range, these load shackles come in load capacities from 1 tonne to over 1000 tonnes. They have been supplied with load bobbins to centralise the load and minimise any point loading effects, which helps optimal accuracy to be achieved. These particular load shackles have also have integral amplifiers to provide a 4-20mA output. Ideal for under hook crane weighing and safe load monitoring, they are simple to install and operate.

We regularly manufacture and supply all types of load shackles, including wireless, heavy lift, submersible and ATEX/IECEx versions, so if you need a load shackle for a lifting requirement, make sure you get in touch with our friendly sales team. .