Latest News

The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

150kg Aluminium Load Pin
17th Aug 2018

For one of our UK customers we have manufactured this small (Ø25mm x 105mm) aluminium load pin.

Super Duplex Load Pins for Extreme Environment Use
9th Aug 2018

Just completed an on their way to our customer are these two 7.5te rated load pins.

1000te Telemetry Load Shackle for Offshore Pipelaying Vessel
3rd Aug 2018

We have recently despatched a 1000te telemetry load shackle, which is now on its way to a major world leading oil & gas service provider, where it will be utilised on one of their offshore pipelaying vessels. 

5te ATEX Load Link
20th Jul 2018

On their way to a customer in Germany are these 2 Ex’d certified load links, each rated to 5 tonnes with 15 metres of cable.

50te Load Pin for Foundry Crane Weighing
12th Jul 2018

Today we despatched a 50te load pin that will be installed in a crane sheave.

12 x 50te CPA Compression Load Cells
6th Jul 2018

Despatched earlier this week were these 12 compression load cells, each rated to 50 tonnes.

7te Load Links for Crane Load Monitoring System
29th Jun 2018

We have just completed these two stainless steel load links that will be used in a crane load monitoring system.

15te ATEX Load Pin for Spelter Socket
22nd Jun 2018

Recently despatched is this 15te Ex’d certified load pin that will be going into a Crosby S-421T spelter socket.

200te Low Profile Compression Load Cell
15th Jun 2018

Off to China this week is a 200te low profile compression load cell from our standard PTC-1 range.

Seawork International 2018
8th Jun 2018

LCM Systems will be exhibiting at Seawork International in July, where we will be showcasing our comprehensive range of load measurement products, including our range of ATEX and submersible products.

350te ATEX Load Pins for Oil & Gas Application
1st Jun 2018

About to leave the factory are these 350te ATEX load pin for Chevron, which will be installed in one of their oil & gas terminals.

Load Pins for Silo Weighing Application
25th May 2018

Ready for despatch are these 150klb (68te) load pins, which will be installed in sand silos to provide load monitoring of contents.