AWLL-JR Aluminium Compact Wireless Load Link

The LCM AWLL-JR load link series have been designed for lifting and weighing in applications where there is restricted lifting height, but where higher accuracy than can be provided by a load shackle is required. Being manufactured from aluminium alloy to minimise weight makes them ideal for mobile use, and they are also ideal for proof testing and monitoring loads on hoists and rigging, especially in entertainment and events applications.

The AWLL-JR is battery powered and utilised standard AAA alkaline batteries which are readily available and low cost. The AWLL-JR range is simple to install and has a high safety factor (5:1) to provide safe and accurate measurements during critical lifting and load monitoring operations. 

The AWLL-JR is supplied as standard without any additional wireless devices to enable greater flexibility with the configuration and ordering of the product. The AWLL-JR can be used with any of the T24 range of wireless instrumentation, whether this be for a simple display system using the T24-HS-LS or T24-HR, or more complex systems using multiple load cells and multiple wireless devices.

For more sophisticated systems, including datalogging or monitoring/reporting requirements, we are able to offer a robust tablet PC with installed software for use with single or multiple load cells. Our sales team will be happy to discuss the best wireless system configuration to suit your requirements.

  • Ranges from 1000 to 4750kg
  • Lightweight & compact aluminium construction
  • High accuracy
  • Supplied with carry case 
  • License Free 2.4GHz radio
  • Internal antennae
  • 300 hours battery life using standard AAA batteries
  • Can be supplied with various bespoke telemetry and/or software packages

AWLL-JR Aluminium Compact Wireless Load Link specifications

AWLL-JR Aluminium Compact Wireless Load Link dimensions

  • Wireless overload alarm module
  • Wireless base station with analogue output
  • Wireless signal booster
  • Multiple wireless load cell controller software
  • Wireless slave display
  • Crosby shackle supply
  • Underhook Crane Weighing
  • Cable tension monitoring
  • Crane/Hoist Proof Loading
  • Water Weights filling
  • Warehouse despatch weighing

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