LCM Systems expands internal machine shop 📰

11th Mar 2022

It was time for our internal machine shop to say goodbye to an old and trusted friend this week, as our old manual Colchester Mascot left us to find a new home after 12 years of service at LCM Systems, having been used to machine several thousand load pins and load cells for our customers.

The continuous monitoring of the requirements of our customers and the products we design and manufacture has helped us identify the need to acquire new machines in order to meet the growing quantity of load cells we are manufacturing, increasing batch sizes and physical size of products.

Four years ago we invested in a XYZ Proturn SLX 355 lathe and a XYZ SMZ 2500 mill. These have proved a great asset, so when the need to expand was identified, we approached XYZ again to review the machines available that would satisfy both current and future demand. The result was the purchase of a XYZ RLX 425 lathe and XYZ RMX 4000 mill, both of which provide us with the ability to machine larger products and to be more efficient with batch work, as well as giving us a much greater internal machining capacity.

The number and type of machines that we now have available to us will allow us to expand the number of machinists we employ when required, and also provides more flexibilty in our partnerships with our external sub-contract machine shops. This expansion will provide our customers with supply improvements which form just part of LCM Systems expansion plans over the next 1-5 years.

Our pride in our new machines (or 'new babies' as our machinists call them) means that we just have to share the baby photos with you.


Our new RLX 425 lathe                                                     Our new RMX 4000 mill
new lathe           New mill
Our trusty Colchester leaving us
old mill leaving

Our existing SLX 355 latheexisting lathe

Our existing RMX 2500 mill
existing mill