Aircraft Weighing

Before leaving the factory, every new aircraft must have a weight and balance report as part of its required aircraft record. This report details the empty weight of the aircraft and the point at which the aircraft balances, also known as the centre of gravity. 

Following delivery to the aircraft end user, the need for reweighing the aircraft might be required if the weight and balance report has been lost, if new equipment (such as a radio or global positioning system) has been installed or periodically as part of a quality procedure, given that nearly all aircraft have a tendency to gain weight over time due to repainting and the accumulation of dirt, grease and oil. 

LCM Systems supply load cells that can be incorporated into an aircraft weighing system to both accurately weigh the aircraft and provide its centre of gravity. We can supply just the load cells or provide a display and instrumentation to make up a complete load measuring system. All our load cells are manufactured to the highest standards and are the prefect choice for an industry where safety and quality are of the utmost importance.


Below is a selection of some of our custom design product solutions used for Aircraft Weighing applications

What Aircraft Weighing Applications have LCM Systems already satisfied?

Please review some of the recent news items relating to Aircraft Weighing load cells, load pins and associated instrumentation that we have supplied to our customer base. These will help demonstrate the experience we have in finding solutions for our customers, in a addition to the standard product offering available for this application.