ATEX/IECEx Load Pins for FLNG Production Vessel 📰

5th Jun 2020

Ready for despatch are these ATEX/IECEx certified load pins. There are three different designs rated at 30,000lbf (13.35 tonnes), 20,000lbf (8.9 tonnes) and 1000lbf (445kgs), with a total of 18 load pins supplied. They will be installed in the swivels of an FLNG production vessel located off the East African coast. The swivels form part of the turret mooring system and enable the transfer of liquids, gasses, hydraulics, electrical power and other utilities to the vessel. The load pins will be used for load monitoring of a number of different swivels to ensure loads stay within safe working limits. Due to the application, the load pins have undergone additional testing, including charpy and hardness tests, passivation of the load pin, caps and washers to ASTM A967, with calibration witnessed by Lloyds. The load pins have also been individually engraved with TAG numbers issued by the customer and have the same number replicated on metal labels.