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Load pin - Introduction

The LCM range of load pins are designed for the measurement of tensile and compressive forces across a wide range of applications, including crane/lifting, industrial, marine, offshore and civil engineering. Machined from high tensile stainless steel, our load pins are suitable for use in exposed situations including prolonged immersion in seawater. We offer a standard range of load pins, covering ratings between 500kgs to 1500 tonnes, however, the nature of this type of product means that most load pins are manufactured to meet each customers specific dimensional requirements.

LCM Load Pin Benefits:

LCM Load Pin Range: (click on the image below for full product specifcations)

LMP Stainless Steel Load Measuring Load Pin

lmpStandard Load Pins
  • 500kg to 1500te
  • Stainless Steel
  • IP67
  • Simple to install

LPB Stainless Steel Custom Design Load Pins


Custom Design Load Pins

  • 100kg to 1500+ te
  • Stainless steel 
  • Many design options
  • ATEX versions

LPM Stainless Steel Magtrol Type Load Pin


Magtrol Type Load Pins

  • Magtrol 210 alternative
  • 2.5 to 1250kN
  • Stainless Steel
  • IP67

LPC Stainless Steel Shackle/Clevis Load Pin


Shackle/Clevis Load Pins

  • 1te to 1500te
  • Stainless Steel
  • IP67
  • Special versions available

About Load Pins

Load measuring pins are designed for many diverse applications as direct replacements for clevis or pivot pins. They have many advantages over other load sensors in that they do not normally require any change to the mechanical structure being monitored. Load pins are typically used in rope, chain and brake anchors, sheaves, shackles, bearing blocks and pivots.

A load measuring pin senses the force applied across it, via strain gauges installed within a small bore through the centre of the pin. Two grooves are machined into the outer circumference of the pin to define the shear planes, which are located between the forces being measured. Under applied load or pressure an electrical output signal proportional to the strain is generated when excited by a regulated voltage or current source. This signal is usually only a few millivolts and usually requires amplification before it can be read.

For more information on load pins and their selection, please visit our load pin technical page


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