BF2 Stainless Steel Low Range Cantilever Beam Load Cell

The LCM Systems range of Pioden beam load cells have has been widely used for many years. The BF2 is constructed from stainless steel and is available in ranges between 2kg and 50kg.

The BF2 beam load cell offers an excellent size/performance ratio, at a competitive price. The stainless steel dual cantilever design enables the rejection of off-centre forces, making the first choice in a number of material testing and weighing applications.

LCM Systems can supply the BF2 beam load cell on it's own or integrated with any of the wide range of strain gauge based instrumentation available from LCM Systems.

  • 1000ohm bridge resistance
  • IP65
  • Low range
  • Ratings from 2kgs to 50kgs
  • Small physical size
  • Stainless steel construction

bf2 beam load cell specification

bf2 beam load cell dimensions

  • Special ranges and capacities
  • Special electrical connections
  • Can be manufactured to specific dimensions
  • TEDS option (when used with TR150 handheld display)
  • Other special versions available
  • Material test Machines
  • Rheometer Measurement
  • Spring Characteristic Profiling
  • Friction Testing
  • Switch Contact Testing

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