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CDIT-1 Stainless Steel Low Profile Compression Load Cell

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The CDIT-1 series of Load Cells have been designed for a wide range of force measurement and weighing applications where space is limited. Constructed from stainless steel with fully welded construction, the CDIT-1 offers a high level of corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

This range of low profile load cell is available with load ratings covering 0-100kg to 0-5000kg. There are many applications suited to the CDIT-1, including restricted height weighing applications, general force measurements and press calibration.

LCM Systems can provide the CDIT-1 on its own or combined with any of our instrumentation range, to offer a more complete package. Please consult our sales team for any advice required on suitable instrumentation solutions.

  • 100kg to 5te
  • Accuracy <±0.25%
  • Environmentally Sealed to IP67
  • Low height/profile
  • Stainless Steel construction

  • TEDS option (when used with the TR150 handheld display)
  • Process Measurement & Control
  • Automotive Testing
  • Low profile weighing systems