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DSJ4 Four Channel DSC Docking Station

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The function of the DSJ4 Junction Box is to enable the easy connection of up to 4 Load Cells and 4 DSC Cards to a multi-dropped digital communications Bus.

Designed to take up to four DSC Cards in a single enclosure, the DSJ4 offers a convenient and practical solution to the installation of digital load cells with platforms, silos and any weighing systems where connection to PC and PLC's is required. Supplied as an OEM device on a single 164 x 100mm PCB, it has options for fitting in an IP65 ABS Case, or to a DIN rail fixture.

Up to 32 DSJ4s can be connected to 1 digital bus. Supplied as an OEM device on a single 164 x 100mm PCB, it has options for fitting in an IP65 ABS case or to a DIN rail fixture. 

The communications output connection is RS485, ASCII, Modbus, MantraCAN (J1939). Please note that RS232 is NOT available with this unit. (Refer to DSJ1).

Also note that the DSJ4 is a printed circuit board complete with connectors, but DOES NOT include the DSC digitiser modules. Therefore, when selecting the product, be sure to also select the appropriate type and quantity of DSC modules.

  • 'Daisy Chain' Bus through D type connectors
  • 2 Part Connectors for Load Cells
  • Bus Connection via 2 Part screw connectors
  • Bus connections for communication and power supply
  • CAN Compliant
  • DSC docking station
  • Easy connection of up to 4 DSC cards
  • Four channel
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Option to terminate Bus through 120 ohm resistor
  • RS485, ASCII, Modbus and MantraCAN

  • PCB mount board for 4 DSCs (DSJ4)
  • Transparent plastic case lid (LTL)
  • IP65 die cast case, 200 x 120 x 80mm (LCD)
  • IP65 stainless steel case, 220 x 160 x 90mm (LSS)
  • IP65 ABS grey case (LAB)
  • Case and DIN rail mounting for DSJ4 (D3)
  • Vessel Weighing
  • Cable tension measurement
  • Conveyor weighing
  • Force transfer standard interface

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