D-CAN CANBus Strain Gauge to Digital Data Converters

The D-CAN is a high performance digital signal conditioner for the precision measurement of strain gauge based transducers, providing a CANBus output. There are two product types available in the range; the DSC and DCELL. Both products offer a  high speed CAN output. The DCELL PCB is designed to fit inside the majority of sensors, providing a 'digital' load cell with the benefit of very high stability and an RS485 output. Both offer simple mounting using M2 screws, via plated through holes. They are very low profile to enable fitting in very small apertures 

Including the D-CAN into load cell based product enables the building of very high accuracy load cells, using the built in linearization and temperature compensation facilities. For applications where it is not possible to fit the DCELL within the transducer, there is an in line housing available (Model ILE).

For the DSC version of the product there is the DSJ1, which is a junction box "docking station" sealed to IP65, for the simple installation of a single DSC; or a 4-way version; the DSJ4

  • Baud rates to 230k
  • CanBus output
  • DC powered
  • Diagnostics LED
  • High speed to 500 readings/Secs
  • Noise Immunity 5x heavy industrial level
  • Operating voltage (5.4 - 18Vdc)
  • Peak and trough recording
  • Programmable dynamic filter
  • Real mV/V calibration
  • Remote shunt calibration
  • Strain gauge to digital data converter
  • Very high stability
  • ±15KV ESD protected

d-can canbus data converter specification

d-can canbus data converter specification 1

d-can canbus data converter dimensions

  • Temperature Measurement Resolution (0.1oC) and Temperature Measurement Accuracy(1oC)
  • Vessel weighing
  • Performance Yacht rig monitoring
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Automotive force measurement

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