LCTA Load Cell Trip/Relay Amplifier

The LCTA series of trip/amplifier modules have been developed to provide dual volt free relay outputs from a load cell signal. The main application use for this product is for overload protection on hoist, winches in lifting or crane applications. The amplifier has the ability to power a single load cell or load pin, or up to four 350ohm load cells connected in parallel. The primary outputs from the amplifier are dual volt free relay contacts, which can be adjusted independently, using a reference voltage to determine the adjustment value. There is also a 0-5V output, which could be used for connecting to an externally and locally mounted display.

The LCTA is supplied in various mounting options, including, sealed plastic or metal case, or supplied for DIN rail mounting. There is also the option, using an external DIN rail mounting power supply, to power from a 48vac supply. The LCTA requires a 12/24vdc power supply.

LCM Systems can assist with the selection and configuration of the correct module for your application. We can also supply pre-configured ready for installation, complete with the sensor required.

  • DIN Rail mounting facility
  • Easy installation
  • Field screw terminal connections
  • IP66 sealed enclosure
  • Load cell input
  • Load cell trip/relay module
  • Shunt Calibration facility
  • Simple trip level adjustment
  • Volt free relay outputs - 10A rating @ 230vac

lcta load cell trip module specification

LCTA Load Cell Trip Relay Module specifications 2

lcta load cell trip module dimensions

  • IP66 fibreglass enclosure (standard)
  • IP66 painted diecast aluminium case
  • IP40 DIN Rail mounting open frame
  • Hoist overload protection
  • Crane safe lifting control
  • Personnel lifting platform protection

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