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ROD END BEARINGS Male & Female spherical rod end bearings

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Various load cells offered by LCM Systems have male or female end threads. Using rod end bearings allow the application of forces to be aligned through the load cells principle measurement axis, helping to improve the installed accuracy and protect the load cell from any extraneous forces.

When selecting the appropriate rod end bearing, it should match the thread size of the load cell that it will be fitted to. It is also important that the maximum load applied does not exceed the static load rating specified for the rod end selected.

These rod end bearings are maintenance free so need no lubrication.

The sizes detailed in this datasheet are the most popular sizes. Other sizes may be available. For further details, please contact LCM Systems Technical Sales.

  • Case hardened bearing
  • Improve load cell accuracy
  • Maintenance free, no lubrication required
  • Steel Housing
  • Supply and calibrated with load cell

Please refer to the product datasheet by clicking here

  • Male or female
  • For the various thread options, please refer to the datasheet
  • Self alignment of forces through load cell
  • Adapting of thread on load cell to pin/clevis fitting