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TCA Stainless Steel Tension and Compression Load Cell

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The TCA series load cell is ideal for measuring both tensile and compressive forces. The standard metric threads at each end of the load cell are designed to accept standard spherical seating rod-end bearings.

There is great flexibility in the TCA design, allowing us to offer special sizes to meet specific application requirements, or different end thread sizes/combinations. There are versions available with male threads at each end, or male threads one end, female the other. We are also happy to supply any of the TCA series with imperial thread sizes.

The TCA series can be offered as shown on the datasheet or can be modified to meet a particular application requirement. We are always pleased to discuss any special requirements that can be accommodated. The TCA series can be supplied on it’s own or combined with our extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring system.

  • IP67 and submersible versions available
  • Can be supplied complete with mating spherical rod-end bearings
  • Can be supplied with imperial threads & male or male/female end threads
  • Designed to fit standard metric rod-end bearing sizes
  • Environmentally sealed to IP66
  • Ratings from 1 tonne to 100 tonnes
  • Special sizes and ranges available
  • Stainless steel construction

  • Structural Testing
  • Jack Load monitoring
  • Cable tension Monitoring
  • Material Test Machine Feedback
  • Press Load Monitoring

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