PTC-1 Stainless Steel Low Profile Universal Load Cell

The PTC-1 series of load cells are based on the conventional low profile or pancake load cell principle. The internal construction is a diaphragm design, offering a lower cost solution to conventional shear web designs, while still offering high natural frequency, low deflection and excellent resistance to side and torsion forces. The PTC-1 is constructed from stainless steel to give excellent corrosion protection. There is an optional mounting base available, which is required if the load cell is to be used in tension. The mounting base is also constructed from stainless steel.

The standard load cell is supplied with an integral cable and the facility to attach protective hose or conduit. It is ideally suited to many testing applications where high stability and low height are essential requirements. The PTC-1 can be supplied calibrated as a complete ready-to-go system. Also available is a range of associated instrumentation.

Please consult our sales department for any technical advice required on this product or the interfacing with our instrumentation.

  • Environmentally sealed to IP66
  • From 5kN to 2000kN
  • High natural frequency
  • High thermal stability
  • Low Profile
  • Stainless steel construction

ptc-1 load cell specification

ptc-1 load cell dimensions

  • Mounting base
  • Load cap assembly
  • Load button
  • Connector version
  • Structural Testing
  • Jack Load monitoring
  • Airframe Testing
  • Material Test Machine Feedback
  • Fatigue Testing Rigs

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