SBL-WMOUNT Weighing Assembly

The SBL-WMOUNT support is designed to prevent unwanted forces from affecting the performance of our SBL-3 and SBL- 4 load cells  (see separate data sheets). The weighing module is designed for hopper, tank and mixer weighing, and combines excellent load introduction with low profile design. Please note that the blind hole version of our SBL load cells must be ordered when used with this product.

The unit features a 2-directional bumper unit and free sliding system which allows tangential mounting, and the upper module can be mounted in a longitudinal or lateral direction. It is also manufactured from zinc coated steel for use in challenging environments, and provides many years of consistent performance.

The accessories supplied (base plate with jacking bolt, lift off protection and upper welding plate) make installation simple and contribute to a versatile, rugged and low cost design.

  • Blind hole load introduction
  • Capacity range from 20kg to 5te
  • Installation by bolting or welding
  • Low profile design
  • No check links needed
  • Very easy to install
  • W&M certified for 3000 intervals
  • Safe Load: 200% of rated load
  • Safe bumping force: 50% of rated load
  • Safe jacking force: 40kN
  • Safe lift off force: 100% of rated load

sbl-wmount dimensions

Welding fixture

  • Vessel weighing
  • Silo weighing
  • Process weighing and control
  • Tank weighing

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