TELSHACK-B-JR Wireless Crosby Bow Type Load Shackle

The TELSHACK-B-JR range of telemetry load shackles are manufactured using the Crosby™ G2130  shackle. Suitable for use in a wide range of lower capacity industrial weighing applications, these load shackles are accurate, reliable and simple to install. They are particularly popular in theatrical applications for measuring the loads on rigging, hoists and stage lifts.

The IP67 rated telemetry housing is manufactured from ABS plastic making it strong yet light, and the telemetry electronics contained within are powered by two AA alkaline batteries. The unit also features an internal antenna for maximum protection from damage. 

The TELSHACK-B-JR is supplied as standard without any additional wireless devices to enable greater flexibility with the configuration and ordering of the product. The TELSHACK-B-JR can be used with any of the T24 range of wireless instrumentation, whether this be for a simple display system using the T24-HS-LS, or more complex systems using multiple load cells and multiple wireless devices.

For more sophisticated systems, including datalogging or monitoring/reporting requirements, we are able to offer a robust tablet PC with installed software for use with single or multiple load cell installations. Our sales team will be happy to discuss the best wireless system configuration to suit your requirements.

The TELSHACK-B-JR series can be provided as shown in this datasheet or can be modified to meet a particular application requirement. We are always pleased to discuss any special requirements that can be accommodated. 

  • Continuous use battery life of 650 hours (with 2.3Ah batteries)
  • From 3.25 tonnes to 9.5 tonnes
  • Ideal for hoist/rigging applications
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant
  • Many other telemetry configurations available
  • Optional load centralising bobbin
  • Shackle and load pin fully certified
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Stainless steel load pin
  • Transmission range of up to 600 metres clear line of sight
  • Wireless junior shackle

telshack-b-jr load shackle specification

telshack-b-jr load shackle dimensions

  • Cable Connected Version - Click to view details of the SHK-B
  • Special ranges and capacities 
  • Integral signal conditioning
  • Longer battery life with different transmission rate settings (1 update per second extends battery life to 2000 hours)
  • Multiple load cell systems
  • Tablet PC option with data logging and other customised features
  • Various wireless accessories and options are available. Consult our technical team and/or refer to the T24 range of wireless products
  • Rigging/Hoist Monitoring
  • Vessel Weighing
  • Cable Tension Monitoring
  • Lift/Stage Weighing/Monitoring
  • Vehicle Testing

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