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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

Compression load cells for Centre of Gravity System
17th Aug 2017

Despatched earlier this week were 4 x 20te compression load cells and 4 x 50te compression load cells for a Centre of Gravity system.

450te Wireless Load Pins for Siverline 750te Open Spelter Sockets
10th Aug 2017

On their way to the UAE are 2 x 450te wireless load pins designed to fit in Silverline 750te open spelter sockets.

1500kN Load Pins and 500kN Compression Load Cells for Scientific Project
3rd Aug 2017

Ready for despatch today are 3 x 500kN wireless compression load cells and 9 x 1500kN wireless load pins which will be used for the ITER project.

LCM Systems, invest £40,000 in XYZ CNC mill & lathe to expand internal machining facility
27th Jul 2017

LCM Systems have recently invested in excess of £40,000 to expand their internal machining facilities.

100te Load Pins for Logging Application
20th Jul 2017

Leaving the factory this week are 6 x 100te load pins that will be incorporated into machinery used in the logging industry.

ATEX/IECEx Certified Bi-Directional Load Pins
13th Jul 2017

Due to leave the factory today are 6 x 30te ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 & 2 approved load pins which will be installed in an automated mooring system supplied to oil & gas terminals.

2.5te submersible load pins
7th Jul 2017

Two small 2.5te submersible load pins left the factory yesterday and are on there way to one of our UK customers who specialise in the provision of oilfield products.

150te Wireless Wide Body Load Shackle
30th Jun 2017

Ready for despatch this week is a 150te wireless load shackle.

Small capacity custom design load pins
23rd Jun 2017

As well as supplying large capacity custom design load pins, we also design and manufacture much smaller load pins.

50te load pins for G-6412 Green Pin Open Spelter Sockets
16th Jun 2017

Ready this week are 4 x 50te tonne load pins supplied complete with G-6412 Green Pin open spelter sockets.

Super Duplex Load Cells
8th Jun 2017

We have recently despatched some load cells manufactured from Super Duplex for ultimate protection in a highly corrosive environment.

XY Load Pin for Logging Application
2nd Jun 2017

For one of our US customers we have manufactured a 120,000lbf XY load pin for a skyline tension monitoring system.