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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

10,000psi Rated Pressure Transducers
13th Oct 2017

As well as load cells, LCM Systems also manufacture and supply a range of pressure transducers, like these 10,000psi rated versions that are on their way to one of our UK customers.

120klbf Load Measuring Pin
6th Oct 2017

Manufactured for one of our regular customers and leaving the factory this week is a 120 klbf (5.4 tonne) load pin which has a very large diameter in comparison to its load capacity.

10 x 900kN Load Pins for Marine Mooring Winches
29th Sep 2017

Leaving the factory today are 10 x 900kN load pins for a European customer that specialises in the design of winch systems and deck equipment for the marine and offshore industries.

100te Tension & Compression for Calibration Test Rig
22nd Sep 2017

Despatched earlier this week and on its way to one of our regular customers is a 100te TCA tension and compression load cell.

12 x Load Pins for Mining Application
15th Sep 2017

Recently despatched were 12 x load pins with various dimensions (up to 605mm in length) and ratings up to 30 tonnes.

Miniature Stainless Steel Load Link rated to 5000kg
7th Sep 2017

Following on from last week’s post about very small load cells, we are continuing the theme this week with a tiny load link we have just delivered to a customer in Hong Kong.

5 x 1kN Tension Load Cells for Test Machine Application
31st Aug 2017

In addition to the larger load cells we supply, we also manufacture much smaller load cells, like these DCE tension and compression load cells that will be despatched tomorrow to one of our UK customers.

250te ATEX Load Shackles for SPM Mooring Hawser Line Monitoring
24th Aug 2017

Recently despatched from our factory were two ATEX load shackles, each rated to 250 tonnes, to be used for mooring hawser tension monitoring on a CALM buoy system.

Compression load cells for Centre of Gravity System
17th Aug 2017

Despatched earlier this week were 4 x 20te compression load cells and 4 x 50te compression load cells for a Centre of Gravity system.

450te Wireless Load Pins for Siverline 750te Open Spelter Sockets
10th Aug 2017

On their way to the UAE are 2 x 450te wireless load pins designed to fit in Silverline 750te open spelter sockets.

1500kN Load Pins and 500kN Compression Load Cells for Scientific Project
3rd Aug 2017

Ready for despatch today are 3 x 500kN wireless compression load cells and 9 x 1500kN wireless load pins which will be used for the ITER project.

LCM Systems, invest £40,000 in XYZ CNC mill & lathe to expand internal machining facility
27th Jul 2017

LCM Systems have recently invested in excess of £40,000 to expand their internal machining facilities.