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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

Load Pins for Silo Weighing Application
25th May 2018

Ready for despatch are these 150klb (68te) load pins, which will be installed in sand silos to provide load monitoring of contents.

Digital Load Shackles
18th May 2018

Ready for despatch shortly are these 3.25te load shackles which incorporate high performance DCELL digital signal conditioners to make a digital load cell with the benefit of very high stability and  RS485 output (available in several protocols).

270te Load Links for Super Heavy Lift Crane
11th May 2018

On route to one of our Belgian customers are these 10 x 270te dual bridge load links.

200te Compression Load Cell
4th May 2018

Just awaiting final calibration prior to despatch is this example of one of our many custom design compression load cells.

Load Pins for Mooring Load Monitoring on a SPM Buoy
27th Apr 2018

Ready for despatch are these Ex’d Zone 1 & 2 certified ATEX load pins, which will be shipped to a major shipbuilding and heavy industry construction company in the Middle East.

Load Cells for Inland Waterway Project
20th Apr 2018

Currently going through our calibration department are these load pins and annular load cells which will be used for an inland waterway project.

50te ATEX Dual Bridge Load Pins for Winch Load Monitoring Application
13th Apr 2018

Supplied for use as part of a large winch load monitoring system, these 50 tonne ATEX certified load pins will provide feedback from the main winch payout system for additional overload protection.

ATEX Annular Load Cells for Marine Application
6th Apr 2018

Despatched this week and off to the UAE are these six stainless steel annular load cells.

2 x 25te Submersible Load Shackles for Bridge Construction Application
23rd Mar 2018

On their way to the USA this week are these two 25te submersible load shackles, which have been purchased by a construction company specialising in building bridges.

4 x 10te Double Shear Beam (DSB) Load Cells for Truck Weighing Application
15th Mar 2018

Leaving the factory today are these 10te stainless steel double shear beam load cells.

32 x 650te ATEX Load Pins for Offshore Winch Application
32 x 650te ATEX Load Pins for Offshore Winch Application
9th Mar 2018

Ready for despatch this week are 32 ATEX dual bridge load pins with integral amplifiers.

Load Pins for Aerospace Application
23rd Feb 2018

Complete and ready for despatch is this set of 17 load pins rated from 288klbf (128 tonnes) down to 1.4klbf (625kgs), which will be installed in actuators in an aerospace application.