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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

XY Gear Shifter Load Cells
27th Jan 2017

On their way to a customer in the Czech Republic are 4 x 500N gear shifter load cells.

Load Cells used for Portable Saddle Clamp Tester
18th Jan 2017

Leaving our factory this week are 10 off S-type load cells, that will be used in Portable Saddle Clamp Testers.

30 Tonne Capacity TCA Load Cell for Mobile Calibration
14th Dec 2016

This 30 tonne capacity tension and compression load cell has been purchased by an Iranian company who will use it to offer a mobile calibration service to their local industrial customers.

12 off Stainless Steel Load Links for Port Crane Weighing Application
9th Dec 2016

Ready for despatch this week are 12 x stainless steel load links, all rated to 14te, for a container port operator in Turkey.

Load Pins for Entertainment Industry Application
2nd Dec 2016

LCM Systems have manufactured 28 load pins for use in a theatrical stage lift application.

400te Telemetry Load Shackle For Offshore Application Ready For Despatch
25th Nov 2016

Packed and ready for collection on Monday is a 400te telemetry load shackle, which has been ordered by a major oil & gas contractor.

4 x 380te Load Pins for Anchor Chain Load Measurement
17th Nov 2016

Leaving for Norway today are four 380te load pins, which will be installed in a shark jaw chain stopper arrangement on an Anchor Handling Tug.

150te Marine Load Pins
10th Nov 2016

Heading off to Singapore this week are two 150te load pins which will be installed on the deck of a marine vessel in a pulley sheave.

5te ATEX Compression Load Cells Despatched
2nd Nov 2016

Leaving the factory today are two small compression load cells, rated to 5 tonnes.

Load Pins for Aerospace Application Despatched
12th Oct 2016

We have just despatched 6 sets of load pins with handheld displays, all neatly packed in a transit case.

250te Submersible Load Pin Despatched
6th Oct 2016

A submersible 250te load pin left our factory this week which will be used for mooring line tension monitoring on an FPSO.

LCM Systems Launch New SOLAS Compliant Container Weighing System
2nd Mar 2016

LCM Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a cost effective, fully SOLAS compliant container weighing system.