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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

200te Low Profile Compression Load Cells
27th Apr 2020

These four 200 tonne low profile compression load cells have been supplied to one of our distributors and are the first consignment from an order for 10 units.

Meet The Team - Matthew Reynolds
21st Apr 2020

If you have ever ordered a custom designed load cell from LCM Systems, it will have been designed by one of our experienced load cell engineers.

10,400kN Load Pin for Offshore Crane
17th Apr 2020

LCM System have designed and manufactured a 10,400kN (1060 tonne) load pin that will be installed in an offshore A-Frame crane to provide load monitoring during lifting operations.

Meet The Team - Stacey Bond
14th Apr 2020

Meet Stacey Bond, our Strategic Accounts & Technical Executive.

E-Commerce Products
E-Commerce Products
20th Mar 2020

Don't forget that you can always purchase a wide selection of our load cell products online from stock on very short lead times (typically despatched within 1 to 2 days).

Wireless Load Shackles for a Boat Lift Application
Wireless Load Shackles for a Boat Lift Application
6th Mar 2020

With a lead time of just 2 days from receipt of order, these 12te and 17te wireless load shackles are currently on route to New Zealand to a shipyard where they will be used on a boat lift crane to monitor lifting loads and ensure weight is evenly distributed throughout the lift.

12te Stainless Steel Wireless Load Links
12te Stainless Steel Wireless Load Links
28th Feb 2020

Currently on their way to Korea are these two 12te wireless load links, which have been ordered by a crane and lifting equipment hire company.

120te Load Pin for Mooring Bollard Load Monitoring
21st Feb 2020

We are often asked to supply load pins to suit customer supplied load shackles from various manufacturers.

12.5kN Washer Load Cells
12.5kN Washer Load Cells
14th Feb 2020

We have recently manufactured and despatched these 12.5kN stainless steel washer/through hole load cells to one of our UK customers.

Load Pins for Farming Application
Load Pins for Farming Application
7th Feb 2020

Shipped this week to in tractor supplier in South Africa were these 15 tonne rated load pins.

BP16 Pressure Transducers
31st Jan 2020

These 10,000psi BP16 pressure transducers have been manufactured for a UK based company that specialises in controlled hydraulic jacking.

2te Load Shackles with Integral Amplifiers
24th Jan 2020

To one of our regular UK customers we have just despatched these two load shackles with a 2 tonne load rating and a 4-20mA output via integral ICA4 amplifiers.