SMW Wall Mounting Weighing Indicator and Controller

The SMW surface mounted strain gauge display is housed in a light grey ABS case, sealed to IP65 with external dimensions of 200 x 120 x 75mm. The unit comprises an 8 digit 12.7mm LCD display, on an intelligent base unit with user configurable 4-20mA and 0-10volt analogue outputs. 'Plug-in' module positions are available for power supply, relay and communications options.

The relay module provides for two set points, together with In Flight compensation. Relays can be inverted and latched, all of these facilities being set in engineering terms. Both relay and analogue outputs have a high level of isolation. A facility is available to alter the default display for Gross or Net values.

The optional communications provide for RS232 and multi drop RS485 connections to a PC, PLC or mainframe. This allows the load value to be read and the set up parameters changed. Communications protocol options include ASCII and MANTRABUS. The RS232 port is also available for a Time/Date or  Data only printer to be connected, to log all the desired activities. Baud rates of 300 to 19200 are programmable. Power supplies options of 115 or 230VAC and 9 to 32VDC are available.

  • 10V @ 170mA excitation to drive up to 6 x 350 ohm load cells
  • 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs (isolated)
  • Gross, net, tare and print function keys
  • High accuracy & Stability
  • IP65 wall mounting case
  • Large 8 digit LCD display
  • Load cell input
  • Simple one pass Auto Calibration
  • Variable gain load cell sensitivity from 0.5 to 200mV/V
  • Voltage and current output
  • Wide range of power supplies

smw specification

SMW Wall Mounting Weighing Indicator Controller specifications 2

smw dimensions

  • 2 set points (output through 5A, 230V AC SPCO relays with latching option)
  • Communications port for data transfer or print via a 20mA loop enabling up to 254 units to be multi dropped to 1 x RS232 via IF25 interface(s), RS485 enabling up to 32 units to be multi dropped or RS232 for 1 to 1 connection to a PC or printer
  • Printer operation (by front panel function key)
  • Baud rates (300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (19200 MANTRAbus only)
  • Back lighting for the LCD display
  • DIN rail mounting for the motherboard
  • DC powering (9-32V DC)
  • Remote mounting display module for panel mounting
  • Vessel weighing
  • Silo weighing
  • Platform weighing
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Batching plant
  • Conveyor weighing

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