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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

15te Toggle Load Link
15te Toggle Load Link for Port Application
25th Nov 2022

We have recently shipped this stainless steel toggle load link to one of our customers in Germany. It will be installed on the rollers of a conveyor belt in a port that loads fertiliser and sulphur onto vessels for onward transportation.

30te Annular Load Cell
30te Annular Load Cells
18th Nov 2022

These four stainless steel annular load cells have been manufactured for a UK customer that operates a mining facility.

350klbf Annular Load Cell
350klbf (159 tonne) Annular Load Cell
4th Nov 2022

These three stainless steel annular load cells have been designed to fit the main hoist of a crane to provide load measuring data.

2000kN & 3000kN PTC-1 load cells
2000kN & 3000kN PTC-1 Load Cells
21st Oct 2022

These stainless steel load cells are a custom design version of our PTC-1 tension and compression load cells. Four 2000kN and six 3000kN load cells have been manufactured for our US distributors.

650N Beam Load Cells
650N Beam Load Cells
30th Sep 2022

These tiny beam load cells have been manufactured for a UK customer that specialises in the investigation and removal of hazardous materials. The load cells will be installed on a U bracked that is fixed to a pneumatic motor to measure the reaction force

2te D Load Shackles
2te Load Shackles for Condition Monitoring
23rd Sep 2022

This week we have despatched these tiny 2 tonne rated load shackles for a customer in Australia that specialises in animatronics.

XY, Dual Bridge, Bi Directional Load Pins
ATEX/IECEx Dual Bridge, XY, Bi Directional Load Pins
9th Sep 2022

These 1000klbf (454 tonne) rated load pins have been designed and manufactured for a US company. 24 have been made in total, each with a diameter of 252mm, 873mm long and weighing 280kgs.

3te tension load cell
6250lbf Tension Load Cells
2nd Sep 2022

We have recently designed and manufactured 16 stainless steel tension load cells for our US distributor, Interface Force Measurement Solutions. They will ultimately be going to a marine crane and winch manufacturer.

100te Hazardous Area Compression Load Cells
100te Hazardous Area Compression Load Cells
19th Aug 2022

These 100 tonne hazardous area compression load cells, ordered by one of our UK customers, are from our standard CPA range, which now includes ATEX/IECEx explosion proof (Ex d) and intrinsically safe (Ex i) options.

50te Telemetry Load Links
50te Stainless Steel Wireless Load Links
11th Aug 2022

We recently manufactured 15 stainless steel wireless load links, each rated to 50 tonnes, for a leading UK wireless telecoms infrastructure provider.

25te Load Shackle with red paint
25te Submersible Load Shackle
29th Jul 2022

This 25te subsea load shackle has been despatched to a UK tidal turbine company. At their request it was designed to have no stainless steel components in order to minimise corrosion.

285te Shackle Load Pins
285te Shackle Load Pins
7th Jul 2022

These 285te load pins will be fitted into load shackles and used for mooring line load monitoring on a single point mooring buoy.