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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

750te ATEX Load Pins
750 Tonne Load Pins for Anchor Load Monitoring
14th May 2021

We have recently despatched an order for 40 ATEX/IECEx load pins, each rated to 750 tonnes with a diameter of 320mm and are 910mm long. 



227kg wire rope socket load pin
500lb Load Pin for Wire Rope Socket
23rd Apr 2021

This unusually shaped load pin has been designed to fit into a wire rope socket to provide tension load monitoring on the wire rope. 

17 Tonne D Load Shackles
17 Tonne 'D' Type Load Shackles
16th Apr 2021

Shipped to a customer in Germany this week were these six SHK-D cabled 'D' load shackles rated to 17 tonnes.

DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells
DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells
9th Apr 2021

These two DCE stainless steel tension and compression load cells were despatched this week to a customer in China where they will be installed into test machines used for testing optical components.

600 Tonne SHK-B Load Shackle
600 Tonne Bow Load Shackle
19th Mar 2021

This 600 tonne load shackle has been ordered by a customer in South Korea. Part of our standard cabled load shackle range, the SHK-B-600 uses a GN Rope H10 load shackle.

90 Tonne Dual Bridge Load Pins
90 Tonne Dual Bridge Load Pins
12th Mar 2021

Shipped earlier in the week to our distributor in the USA were these four 200klbf (90 tonne) dual bridge load pins.

14te Stainless Steel Load Links
Load Links for RTG Crane Load Monitoring
5th Mar 2021

These stainless steel load links have been despatched this week and will be delivered to a container terminal in Pakistan where they will be installed on RTG cranes to provide real time load monitoring.

PTC-1 Tension and Compression Load Cells
PTC-1 Tension & Compression Load Cells
25th Feb 2021

Despatched to a UK customer this week were these versatile PTC-1 tension and compression load cells from our standard product range.

400te ATEX load pin
400 Tonne ATEX/IECEx Load Pin for Mooring Load Monitoring
11th Feb 2021

This 400 tonne rated ATEX/IECEx certified load pin has been despatched to a Canadian customer that specialises in underwater systems for the oil & gas industry. 

40te SHK-B Load Shackle
40 Tonne Load Shackles for Crane Weighing Application
1st Feb 2021

Ordered by one of our regular customers in Canada were these two SHK-B 40 tonne load shackles from our standard cabled load shackle range.

100 Tonne Wireless Compression Load Cell
100 Tonne Wireless Load Cell
27th Jan 2021

This 100 tonne wireless compression load cell has been sent to our of our American customers, who provide waterbags and proof load testing of marine and offshore cranes and winches. 

60 Tonne Intrinsically Safe Load Pins
60te Ex i Load Pin
15th Jan 2021

We have recently despached these two 60 tonne rated load pins to a customer in the UK. Approved for use in a Zone 1 hazardous area, these load pins are Intrinsically Safe (Ex i) certified.