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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

5kN DCE Tension & Compression Load Cell
5kN DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells
30th Jun 2022

These tiny DCE tension and compression load cells have been purchased by our distributor in Singapore for a customer who will use them to measure the central force on round parts using four actuators.

1000kN PTC-1 Tension and Compression Load Cell
1000kN PTC-1 Tension & Compression Load Cell
24th Jun 2022

Despatched to a UK customer this week that specialises in subsea fluid transfer for the offshore oil exploration and production industry was this 1000kN rated PTC-1 tension and compression load cell.

12.5klbf Load Pins
12.5klbf Load Measuring Pins
10th Jun 2022

These load pins have been especially designed to fit within a latch mechanism to measure the force required to operate the latch.

BP16 Pressure Transducers
BP16 Pressure Transducers
27th May 2022

These 100psi BP16 pressure transducers have been manufactured for a Scottish company responsible for the waters surrounding Scotland and the Isle of Man.

5te CDIT Compression Load Cells
5te CDIT-1 Compression Load Cells
20th May 2022

These 5 tonne rated compression load cells have been purchased by a company in Portugal that specialises in industrial automation, where they will be used together to provide a low profile weighing system.

Load Pins for Fish Farm Application
Load Pins for A Fish Farm Application
29th Apr 2022

These load monitoring pins have been designed for installation in the joints of giant fish cages for a company in Chile that designs and manufactures salmon cages. At an impressive 80 metres x 80 metres, these production scale prototype cages can hold up to 400,000 fish.

8te Submersible Load Link with Data Logger
Submersible Load Link With Data Logging
21st Apr 2022

This stainless steel 8 tonne load link has been manufactured for a fish farm company in New Zealand, and will be used to monitor the tension in the mooring lines of large offshore floating fish tanks.

1000te shackle load pins
1000 Tonne Shackle Load Pins
14th Apr 2022

Despatched this week and on their way to the USA are these two 1000 tonne rated load shackle pins.

1500te tension & compression load cell
1500te Tension & Compression Load Cell
1st Apr 2022

Recently shipped to a research institute in Germany that specialises in subsurface energy systems was this rather hefty 1500 tonne rated tension and compression load cell.

300kN Triple Bridge ATEX Load Cells
300kN ATEX/IECEx Triple Bridge Load Cells
22nd Mar 2022

Six of these 300kN rated ATEX/IECEx Ex'd tension and compression load cells have been manufactured for a US customer, and will be installed on an actuator for structural static and fatigue testing purposes.

new machines being delivered
LCM Systems expands internal machine shop
11th Mar 2022

LCM System expands internal machine shop with a new CNC lathe and mill.

166kN Load Pin for Yachting Application
Load Pin for Monitoring Tension in Rigging
25th Feb 2022

This small 166kN load measuring pin will be used to measure the tension in yacht rigging to make sure it stays within safe limits.