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The latest news stories relating to our range of load cell and instrumentation products can be viewed below. This section will be updated regularly with application stories, articles, product updates and other interesting information relating to LCM Systems.

2.5te load pin
2.5te Load Pin for Overhead Gantry Crane
28th Jul 2023

We have recently shipped this 2.5te load pin to a customer in Iceland, who wanted to measure the weight of aluminium and steel rolls.

550te Compression Load Cells
550te Compression Load Cells
6th Jul 2023

We have recently despatched these 550te compression load cells to a petroleum company in Vietnam, which will be installed within a chain stopper on a oil service platform.

500te Compression Load Cells
500te Compression Load Cells
16th Jun 2023

These 500 tonne compression load cells, ordered by one of our customers in Singapore, are from our standard CPA range. 

Interface Acquisition of LCM Systems
LCM Systems Acquired by Interface, Inc.
12th Jun 2023

Interface, Inc., the world’s trusted leader in technology, design, and manufacturing of high accuracy force measurement products, today announced the strategic acquisition of UK-based LCM Systems Ltd.

CALM Buoy Load Pin
200te Load Pin for CALM Buoy Mooring Line Monitoring
2nd Jun 2023

This 200 tonne load pin, manufactured for a leading UK supplier of CALM buoy remote monitoring and control equipment, will be fitted into a load shackle and used for mooring line load monitoring on a single point mooring buoy. 

120kN Load Pins
120kN Load Pins for Reel Winch
19th May 2023

These tiny 120kN load measuring pins will be used to measure the tension in a reel winch to make sure line tension stays within safe limits. 

100te CDIT-3 Low Profile Compression Load Cell
100te CDIT-3 Low Profile Compression Load Cell
12th May 2023

Due to be despatched very shortly to a UK customer that supplies force testing machines is this 100te low profile compression load cell.

25klbf Dual Bridge Load Pin
25klbf Dual Bridge Load Pins
14th Apr 2023

Load pins come in all shapes and sizes as they have to dimensionally replicate existing load bearing pins. We have recently manufactured these 25klbf (11.3 tonne) load pins for a company that manufactures bulk material handling systems.

21 Tonne Wireless Load Pin
50klbf Wireless Load Pin
31st Mar 2023

Recently despatched to our US distributor, Interface Inc, was this 50klbf (20.7 tonne) wireless load pin. The load pin has a wireless transmission range of up to 800 metres.

12te Telemetry Load Shackles
12 Tonne Wireless Load Shackles
17th Mar 2023

We have recently delivered fourteen 12 tonne rated load shackles to a customer that provide solutions for offshore, renewables and subsea industries.

500N DCE Tension & Compression Load Cell
500N DCE Tension & Compression Load Cell
10th Mar 2023

This tiny DCE tension and compression load cell has been purchased by a customer in France via our e-commerce website. Available ex-stock, our DCE load cells come in load ratings from 100N to 50kN.

65kN dual bridge load pins
Dual Bridge Load Pins for Offshore Davit Cranes
24th Feb 2023

Ready for delivery to an industry leading designer and manufacturer of onshore an offshore cranes are these 65kN rated load pins.