Anchor Line Monitoring

Inspection of permanent anchor line moorings is particularly significant in the oil and gas industry for FPSOs, Semi-Submersibles, Spars, TLPs, SPM buoys and fixed platforms, where anchor line failure could lead to a spillage incident and put the safety of onboard personnel at risk. While limited measurements and inspection can be carried out by divers and ROVs, the most common inspection methods are simply visual, leading to the identification of sections of the mooring line that are showing signs of fatigue or over tensioning being missed.

The installation of an anchor load monitoring system can significantly improve operational safety by providing the vessel operator with real time data on anchor load tensions to give ongoing information on the integrity of the anchor mooring system. This allows preventative action to be taken in the event of anchor line loads exceeding predetermined limits.

LCM Systems can provide complete anchor line monitoring systems that include alarms to alert control room personnel that an over tensioning issue has been detected and remedial measures are required. Alternatively we can supply just the load sensor with signal outputs suitable for direct integration into existing vessel operating systems. Our systems can be installed in new mooring arrangements or retrofitted, and can consist of submersible load shackles or load pins installed in the mooring bridle/mooring assembly.


What Anchor Line Monitoring Applications have LCM Systems already satisfied?

Please review some of the recent news items relating to Anchor Line Monitoring load cells, load pins and associated instrumentation that we have supplied to our customer base. These will help demonstrate the experience we have in finding solutions for our customers, in a addition to the standard product offering available for this application.

550te Compression Load Cells

We have recently despatched these 550te compression load cells to a petroleum company in Vietnam, which will be installed within a chain stopper on a oil service platform.


10kN Tension Load Cell

Recently manufactured for a UK customer working in the offshore renewable energy sector was this 10kN rated tension load cell.


3800kN Washer Load Cell

This 3800kN stainless steel through hole load cell has been manufactured for a UK customer that specialises in power and propulsion systems.