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100N DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells
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Despatched to a UK customer for installation into test machines used for component testing were these stainless steel tension and compression load cells. Available ex-stock, our DCE load cells come in load ratings from 100N to 50kN, and these tiny 100N versions are amongst the smallest we manufacture. With a diameter of just 20mm and an overall height of 29mm, they have M4 x 0.7 threads both ends and are ideal for a wide range of general force measurement applications where space is limited.

200te Low Profile Compression Load Cells

Designed specially for our US distributor were these 200te stainless steel compression load cells. Their customer required a low profile load cell manufactured to their exact dimensional requirements, with an accuracy of better than 1% of rated load. Our design engineers had no problem designing a load cell to meet the required specification, and all three load cells achieved an accuracy of better than 0.85%. Custom designed load cells like these are a speciality of LCM Systems, so if you have a requirement for a bespoke load cell, please contact our sales team at

Container Weighing Systems

Currently going through our calibration facility are ten RTG container weighing systems for a port in Africa. The systems consist of 20 x 15 tonne load pins, 20 x 13 tonne load pins, connection packs and interface modules that contain four DSC high performance digital signal units (one for each load pin) to covert the mV/V output of the load pin into an RS485 signal. Also included are rugged 8" tablets which display the load on each twistlock and the percentage of the total weight it is carrying, as well as the combined weight on all 4 twistlocks. Each system also has a VGM printer that will provide a ticket showing date/time, container number and total weight.

Wireless Load Links for Dockside Crane

We have recently despatched 26 stainless steel wireless load links to a major European shipyard.  With load ratings of 35, 50 and 100 tonnes, they will primarily be used on the shipyards impressive 1000 tonne dockside crane that lifts and turns various built modules used in ship construction. During this process the shipyard needs to weigh and calculate the centre of gravity of the modules they are moving to satisfy the commercial requirements of the client. Each load link has been supplied with two GN Rope H10 Super shackles. A telemetry base station and centre of gravity software was also supplied to enable real-time viewing of both the module weight and the centre of gravity.

200te Wireless & Cabled Load Shackles

On their way to an Oil & Gas production systems provider in the UAE are these two 200te load shackles that can be used wirelessly or via cable. They will be used for a calm buoy refurbishment project, and will be located at the bow of a vessel where the majority of the time they will be used wirelessly. However, in the event of extreme weather conditions, the client want the option of being able to switch to a cabled output. The load shackles have two independent strain gauge bridges, one connected to an ICA5 amplifier to provide 4-20mA output, and the other used for the wireless signal. When operating wirelessly, a T24-AO1I analogue output module is also used to convert the signal to a 4-20mA, so measurement data can be displayed on the PMD Process display also supplied. The Lumberg connector comes with a sealing cap to protect it from the environment when not in use.

100te Load Pins for Mooring Application

The first batch of 6 load pins have been despatched to a leading manufacturer of mooring equipment, and will be installed in quick release mooring hooks to provide load monitoring of mooring lines. Environmentally sealed to IP68, they are suitable for submersion to 50m and have been pressure tested to 10psi. They have also been machined to include external circumferential greaseways, have integral amplifiers to provide 4-20mA output and for additional protection have been supplied with 4 core steel armoured cable. 

Eccentric Bi-directional Load Pins

Soon to be complete and despatched to our US distributor are the four 50,000lbf (22.7 tonne) rated load pins. These bi-directional load pins incorporate integral amplifiers to provide +/-10V output, and will be installed in a mould oscillating charge unit in a casting factory to monitor the content weight. The load pins themselves are eccentric and have an end plate with slots and a handle, which enables the load pin position to be adjusted within the assembly to allow for changes in the amount of oscillation going through the charge unit. 

276te Load Pin for Anchor Winch

Despatched this week to our distributor in Singapore was this stainless steel load pin rated to 276 tonnes. It will ultimately be supplied to a major international supplier of offshore hydraulic equipment for installation into an anchor winch to provide anchor load monitoring. The load pin has a diameter of 180mm, is 432mm long and incorporates and integral amplifier to provide a 4-20mA output. It also has a greaseway, is environmentally sealed to IP67 and has a connector that is recessed into the pin for additional protection.

100 Tonne Tension & Compression Load Cell

We have recently delivered a 100 tonne TCA load cell to one of our regular UK customers. Available from our standard product range, these load cells are manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and have an accuracy of +/-0.3% of rated load. This 100 tonne version has a diameter of 139mm, is 458mm high and has M100x3 threads at both ends. It has been supplied with two calibration certificates - one in tension and the other in compression - so it can be used in both load directions.



120,000 lbf Load Pin for Crane Overload Application

Manufactured for a customer in Canada was this 120 klbf (53.4 tonne) stainless steel load pin which will be installed in a crane for overload monitoring. The load pin is a direct replacement for an existing load bearing pin, and due to its large diameter in relation to the rated capacity, a significant amount of machining was required to make the grooves deep enough to allow the strain to be detected when subjected to the rated load. With a diameter of 165mm and length of 280mm, the load pin offers standard mV/V output and has environmental sealing to IP67.






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