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276te Load Pin for Anchor Winch
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Despatched this week to our distributor in Singapore was this stainless steel load pin rated to 276 tonnes. It will ultimately be supplied to a major international supplier of offshore hydraulic equipment for installation into an anchor winch to provide anchor load monitoring. The load pin has a diameter of 180mm, is 432mm long and incorporates and integral amplifier to provide a 4-20mA output. It also has a greaseway, is environmentally sealed to IP67 and has a connector that is recessed into the pin for additional protection.

100 Tonne Tension & Compression Load Cell

We have recently delivered a 100 tonne TCA load cell to one of our regular UK customers. Available from our standard product range, these load cells are manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and have an accuracy of +/-0.3% of rated load. This 100 tonne version has a diameter of 139mm, is 458mm high and has M100x3 threads at both ends. It has been supplied with two calibration certificates - one in tension and the other in compression - so it can be used in both load directions.



120,000 lbf Load Pin for Crane Overload Application

Manufactured for a customer in Canada was this 120 klbf (53.4 tonne) stainless steel load pin which will be installed in a crane for overload monitoring. The load pin is a direct replacement for an existing load bearing pin, and due to its large diameter in relation to the rated capacity, a significant amount of machining was required to make the grooves deep enough to allow the strain to be detected when subjected to the rated load. With a diameter of 165mm and length of 280mm, the load pin offers standard mV/V output and has environmental sealing to IP67.





2kN Annular Load Cell for Bicycle Testing

We have recently despatched this 2kN rated diaphragm load cell to a customer in the Netherlands. Manufactured from stainless steel, it has been designed to fit into a test rig that performs load tests on various bicycle parts including the saddle, disc brakes and frame. With an accuracy of 2% of rated load, this low profile load cell has a diameter of 76mm and is just 21mm high.

Celulă de sarcină de compresie de 100 tone cu wireless

În curând vor fi completate si expediate catre distribuitorul nostru din SUA, aceste celulele de sarcina CPW de compresie cu wireless . Aceasta versiune de 100 de tone este livrata cu capacul optional superior, baza de montare si mânere. CPW a fost introdus recent în gama noastra standard de produse si încorporeaza carcasa noastra wireless unica, care are un compartiment pentru baterii usor accesibil, care este complet separat de electronica interna. Acest lucru faciliteaza schimbarea rapida a bateriilor prin intermediul celor doua cleme de prindere, în timp ce unitatea ramâne complet sigilata. Dispozitivul CPW este livrat complet cu un afisaj de mâna T24-HS-LS care poate fi afisat atât în tone, cât si în lb.

100te Wireless Compression Load Cell

Soon to be completed and despatched to our USA distributor is one of our CPW wireless compression load cells. This 100te version is being supplied with optional top cap, mounting base and screw in carry handles. The CPW has been recently introduced into our standard product range and incorporates our unique wireless housing that has an easily accessible battery compartment that is completely separate from the internal electronics housed underneath. This facilitates rapid changing of the batteries via the two retaining clips, whilst the unit remains completely sealed. The CPW is supplied complete with a T24-HS-LS hand held display that can display in both tonnes or lbs.

Celulă de sarcină de tensiune de 10 kN

Celula de sarcina de tensiune nominala de 10 kN a fost recent fabricata pentru un client din Marea Britanie care lucreaza în sectorul energiei regenerabile offshore. Bazându-ne pe gama noastra standard de încarcare TOG conceputa în primul rând pentru monitorizarea incarcarii prin cablu / linie, acest model are o configuratie pentru ochi si are o iesire standard mV / V. Aceasta celula de încarcare este perfect potrivita pentru acest mediu exigent.

10kN Tension Load Cell

Recently manufactured for a UK customer working in the offshore renewable energy sector was this 10kN rated tension load cell. Based on our standard stainless steel TOG load cell range designed primarily for wire rigging/line load monitoring, this model features an eye/eye configuration and has standard mV/V output. Suitable for use in exposed conditions, this load cell is perfectly suited for this demanding environment.

Bolțuri de sarcină de 6 tone pentru Industria hârtiei

Aceste doua bolturi de sarcina de 6 tone au fost expediate si sunt pe drum catre un client din Portugalia. Acestea vor fi instalate într-o macara din fabrica, ca parte a unui sistem de masurare a sarcinii, ,furnizata fabricantilor de hârtie din întreaga lume. Datorita mediului de operare dur au fost fabricate din otel inoxidabil 17-4PH, au protectie la mediu la IP67 si au fost livrate cu un furtun de protectie.

6te Load Pins for Paper Industry

Despatched today and on their way to a customer in Portugal are these two 6te load pins. They will be installed in a factory crane as part of a load measurement system used to weigh bleached pulp that is supplied to paper manufacturers around the world. Due to the harsh operating environment they have been manufactured from stainless steel, have been environmentally sealed to IP67 and supplied with protective hose.


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