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55 Tonne Wireless Load Shackles
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On Thursday last week we received an order for five of our wireless 55 tonne TELSHACK-B load shackles, which were required urgently for a project in the Gulf of Mexico. As an ecommerce product these load shackles are available ex-stock, so were able to be despatched early this week and have already arrived in the USA. Because the customer wanted to read all the load shackles via a single display, they were supplied with a T24-HA handset that allows viewing of both individual and total loads. A wireless base station and serial output module were also supplied to provide an ASCII RS485 output for direct connection to their existing PC based monitoring system.


1400lbf/635kg Rated Load Measuring Pins

These four tiny 1400lbf (635kg) rated load measuring pins have been despatched to our distributor in the USA, where they will be shipped on to one of their aerospace industry customers and used to provide load monitoring of an actuator that forms part of a space ground support system . The diameter of these load pins is just 12.7mm, and as per the customers specific request, have been fitted with Lumberg 8 way M12 male chassis connectors. They have also been supplied with anti rotation brackets and circlips.

225kN Load Pin for Underwater Vehicle

This 225kN stainless steel load measuring pin has been purchased by a customer in Poland, and will be installed in a LARS (launch and recovery system) underwater vehicle operated from a navy vessel. The load pin will provide load monitoring of the retrieval system and allow a warning to be generated in the event of reaching or exceeding a predefined load limit. The load pin features an integral amplifier with 4-20mA output and is environmentally sealed to IP67.

6.5 Tonne Cabled Load Shackles

These 6.5 tonne cabled load shackles have recently been despatched to one of our customers as a stock replenishment. The SHK-B load shackle is part of our standard product range and is suitable for many lifting and weighing applications including towing/mooring tension monitoring, under hook weighing and crane safe load monitoring. They can be supplied in load ratings up to 2000 tonnes and come with a number of options, including submersible, integral signal conditioning and ATEX/IECEx certified. If you have a requirement for a standard load shackle, or need a custom design version to meet your specific requirements, please contact our sales team at

400te Load Pins for Bridge Structural Monitoring

We have recently desptached 35 load pins, each rated to 900klbf (400 tonnes) to our USA distributors, Interface Inc. They will be used to provide structural monitoring on the replacement Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach, California, and will identify any changes in load conditions as well as any movement due to seismic activity or high winds. The load pins incorporate integral amplifiers to provide 0-10V output for simple integration into the new DAQ system that will process the data for analysis.

120klbf Load Measuring Pin

Manufactured for one of our regular customers and leaving the factory this week is a 120 klbf (5.4 tonne) load pin which has a very large diameter in comparison to its load capacity. This is because the load pin is a direct replacement for an existing load bearing pin, so dimensionally has to match it exactly, despite the dimensions being far from optimal. To enable the load pin to accurately measure the required load, the load pin was machined with extra deep grooves to provide adequate strain when subjected to that load.

10 x 900kN Load Pins for Marine Mooring Winches

Leaving the factory today are 10 x 900kN load pins for a European customer that specialises in the design of winch systems and deck equipment for the marine and offshore industries. These load pins will be incorporated into their mooring winches to provide mooring line tension monitoring. The load pins are manufactured from stainless steel and sealed to IP67 to ensure suitability in a marine/offshore environment, and incorporated integral amplifiers to provide 4-20mA output. 3.1 material certificates were also provided.

150te Marine Load Pins

Heading off to Singapore this week are two 150te load pins which will be installed on the deck of a marine vessel in a pulley sheave. These load pins will be used to measure the tension in the mooring line to ensure loads remain within safe operational limits. Manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and environmentally sealed to IP67 for suitability in the marine environment, the load pins also have an integral 4-20mA amplifier for signal output directly to a PC.

Load Pins for Aerospace Application Despatched

We have just despatched 6 sets of load pins with handheld displays, all neatly packed in a transit case. These kits will be used in a specially designed assembly for supporting the engine of A400M military transport aircraft while a gearbox change is carried out. Two load pins are attached to vertical turnbuckles and register the engine weight, which can then be balanced between the two pins to ensure even weight distribution on the support assembly. The other two load pins are attached to lateral turnbuckles, which, whilst registering some of the engine weight, are also used via the turnbuckles to apply a pre-load to support the engine when the gearbox is removed.

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