Mooring Line Load Monitoring (MLM)

With the ever increasing size of oil and gas tankers and container vessels, mooring operations have become increasingly safety critical. If mooring lines are subject to uneven loading due to vessel drift, the mooring line is at risk of failing, which could result in injury to port personnel and significant damage to berth infrastructure.

The installation of a mooring line load monitoring system can reduce these risks by providing real time monitoring of the tension in each mooring line during loading and unloading operations. This facilitates safe and efficient securing of a vessel to its berth by alerting port operators and vessel masters to any instance of uneven loading, allowing remedial action to be taken. This ensures mooring remains secure and personnel protected.

For smaller vessels the use of a mooring line load monitoring systems may also be used to ensure that mooring line stays within its safe working load limit and the possibility of line failure resulting in vessel drift off eliminated.

The system monitors line tension via the installation of strain gauged load measuring pins into quick release mooring hooks or through the use of load shackles or load links attached to the mooring line and secured to mooring bollards, rings or cleats.


What Mooring Line Load Monitoring (MLM) Applications have LCM Systems already satisfied?

Please review some of the recent news items relating to Mooring Line Load Monitoring (MLM) load cells, load pins and associated instrumentation that we have supplied to our customer base. These will help demonstrate the experience we have in finding solutions for our customers, in a addition to the standard product offering available for this application.

9.5 Tonne Submersible Load Shackles

These four 9.5 tonne load shackles have been ordered by a Canadian company and will be used to monitor the tension in the mooring lines of wave powered desalination devices.


17 Tonne Submersible Data Logging Load Link

We have recently supplied this 17 tonne rated submersible load link that incorporates a data logger to a company in Spain. It will be installed 30 metres subsea in the mooring line of an offshore floating buoy.


150 Tonne ATEX/IECEx Load Pins

These 150 tonne load pins have been manufactured for a leading supplier of mooring and berthing systems based in the EU. They are certified for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas, have integral amplifiers to provide a 4-20mA output and also come with 5m of steel armoured cable. 


285te Shackle Load Pins

These 285te load pins will be fitted into load shackles and used for mooring line load monitoring on a single point mooring buoy.