Towing & Mooring Tension Load Monitoring

Towing lines are one of the most used pieces of equipment in the marine industry. However, because they are subject to high tensile forces and significant friction during each use, as well as often sustaining damage whilst being used in rough seas in extreme weather conditions, they frequently need to be replaced. One way to maximise the longevity of the towing line is to use a towing tension monitoring system that constantly monitors cable tension throughout its service life to reduce overload instances and to ensure safe operation.

LCM Systems towing tension monitoring systems have been designed to give vessel masters a direct reading of tension in the towing hawser during towing operations. The system comprises of load cell or a load pin installed in the towing hook, mooring hook or winch and a digital readout. It can also include an alarm that is programmed to trigger when overload thresholds have been reached, which are set to suit the rope or wire being used.

We can also supply simple towing tension monitoring using a load shackle or load link installed directly in the towing line path. These are especially suitable for occasions where a permanent system is not required, and tension line monitoring only needed for a specific one-off assignment.


What Towing & Mooring Tension Load Monitoring Applications have LCM Systems already satisfied?

Please review some of the recent news items relating to Towing & Mooring Tension Load Monitoring load cells, load pins and associated instrumentation that we have supplied to our customer base. These will help demonstrate the experience we have in finding solutions for our customers, in a addition to the standard product offering available for this application.

15 Tonne Wireless Load Pin

We have recently shipped this 15te wireless load mearsuring pin to one of our customers in the Netherlands. It will be installed in a tractor towing unit.


25te Submersible Load Shackle

This 25te subsea load shackle has been despatched to a UK tidal turbine company. At their request it was designed to have no stainless steel components in order to minimise corrosion.


100te Load Pins for Mooring Application

The first batch of 6 load pins have been despatched to a leading manufacturer of mooring equipment, and will be installed in quick release mooring hooks to provide load monitoring of mooring lines.